Change Management

Every Project implies a change, since it reflects the need to adapt to a new reality or to improve a certain activity. There are persons involved. The introduction of new technologies as well as new tools will influence the people and their interrelations. Therefore, the management of such change is strategic.

Changes will affect how we use information, how we access it, how and with whom we share it, what it looks like and how we can use it. This is valid for personal, labor and organization knowledge. Customers, employees and citizens change their cultural tendencies. Our services and our roles change: some functions become obsolete, new ones generate. Needs and expectations change. The limits between which information is flowing become fuzzy. We can only foresee that changes will continue to be, every time faster.

The Adagio 360° vision that guides our deeds results from our experience in every Project we work on: they are all different in their nature, every organization is different from others and when we consider the moment and the context. We always impact in bigger or lesser measure upon persons, and this is what Change Management is all about: to ease transitions from the human perspective.

Our track as consultants and the high specialization level of our staff in this matter assure that we are prepared to help other organizations to increase the chances of success in their projects and to develop their own capabilities from a personalized, unique perspective through the professional management of their projects oriented towards their most valuable asset: people.

  • Project Strategy design.
  • Project Management Support.
  • Change Management Components plan and execution.
  • Key activities accompanying and development in every phase.
  • Change support along production phase.
  • Evaluation, diagnose and design of organizational strategy.
  • Support and development of activities of organizational change processes.
  • Executive management, team leadership and performance assessment consulting.
  • Key indicator systems for change management.
  • Change Management awareness courses and workshops.
  • Personalized training for enterprises.
  • International certification following the Human Change Management Institute.

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